Who, and what is Privex?

What is Privex?

We are Privex Inc. A small technology company that currently focuses on affordable privacy-minded infrastructure, primarily Dedicated and Virtual (VPS) Servers available in various regions of the world.

At Privex, our services are designed to protect your personal data, without breaking the bank.

We promise you'll be happy with our offerings, and if you're not, we'll give you a full refund*

* - For most of our services, we'll give you a full refund if you contact us within 14 days of purchase; for claims made past the refund time window, we may offer a partial refund. Please be aware that our refund policy varies depending on the specific service you've purchased, see our order form for more information.

Our beginnings

Privex Inc was founded in early 2017 in the small country of Belize.

Privex was created to solve an ever-growing problem in the world - privacy has now become a commodity rather than a right, and the price of privacy minded services is much higher than that of normal services.

Privacy Matters

Many companies handle your information as if it were their property; to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, or handed over to Government Agencies for their unlawful and invasive surveillance programs.

Unfortunately, the few companies that care about your privacy generally charge massively inflated premiums that many people can't afford, or they would rather sacrifice their privacy to save money.

We wanted to change that. Our two slogans are Privacy is Affordable and Privacy Matters, because we believe privacy is a human right; you shouldn't have to pay extra to keep your personal data safe.

What we offer

As of early 2019, we offer both dedicated and virtual servers (VPS) for a price comparable to "normal" hosting providers.

We accept various cryptocurrencies for payment, we don't demand a credit card or PayPal unlike certain other hosts, and we only ask for the bare minimum information required so that we can provide our services to you - a name and an email.

Privacy matters. Help us change the world by ordering from us.

Learn about some of our staff

Someguy123 Image

Someguy123 - CEO

Someguy123 is the developer of many services and open source projects in the cryptocurrency world.

Some of his most notable services include LiteVault - an online in-browser Litecoin wallet similar to Blockchain.info, as well as AnonSteem, a fully automated and anonymous account creation system for the Steem Blockchain.

He often writes articles about censorship and surveillance, and is a strong advocate of privacy, offering TOR Hidden Services for many of his projects.

He is responsible for overall operation of Privex Inc; having over 10 years of programming experience, and business experience from previous large projects with tens of thousands of paying customers.

Kale (Kryogenic) - CTO

Kale has worked with many high traffic exchanges, dice sites, and a long history with cryptocurrency related projects.

Kale is responsible for a lot of the complex technical challenges faced by the company, ranging from our automated VPS provisioning system, some of our billing system, and managing our large cluster of servers.

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