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This page contains information and assets for our logo, to make it easy for you to reference us on your website, article, social media, or other content - with our logo available in various formats and resolutions.

The full brand pack includes the full logo with text in vertical + horizontal format, as well as our hexagon icon on it's own - in SVG, PNG, and AI formats.

Brand Information


The font used on our logo is Montserrat

Logo Colours

The colours used on our logo are (in css / hex format):

Blue Text: #4195F9
Red Text: #D75150

Bottom Right red piece of hexagon: #D35657
Top right red piece of hexagon: #EA5857
Bottom left red piece of hexagon: #EA5857
Central Right red triangle in logo: #D75150

Lower left blue part of hexagon: #EA5857
Top left/center blue part of hexagon: #3E8FEE
Central Left blue triangle in logo: #4092F4

Central upper grey diamond: #E6E7E8
Central lower grey diamond: #F4F5F6 (left triangle) + #E8E9EA (right triangle)

Download full brand pack

We recommend downloading or browsing our full brand pack, which includes all versions of our logo in SVG, PNG, and AI (Adobe Illustrator project) formats:

Download our full Brand Pack as a ZIP file

Explore our full Brand Pack via our CDN

Quick Reference Logos

PNG (Raster)

Vertical Logo - 2k resolution

Privex Logo 2k resolution Vertical

Privex Logo horizontal

SVG (Vector)

Privex Logo Vertical vector

Privex Logo horizontal vector