Peering with Privex (ASN 210083)

Information about Privex's Network

Privex is a Belizean company which currently operates an ASN in Europe (AS210083), and advertises both IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes.

We're a server hosting company that offers a wide range of services, from virtual servers, to dedicated servers, and soon co-location.

The best source of information about our network is on PeeringDB which is the source of truth for various network information sites such as HE.NET's BGP Toolkit.

Our Peering Policy

Our policy for peering with other ASNs is very simple:

  • We advertise and accept routes to/from all peers on most route servers at public IXPs such as SOL-IX
  • Individual BGP peering sessions are preferred over route servers
  • BGP MD5 authentication is not required, but we're willing to use it if requested
  • For public peering, we expect that you have at least a 1gbps connection to the IXP (we may make exceptions to this for new companies).
  • Configure your route maps / prefix lists appropriately - don't advertise routes that do not belong to your ASN
  • Ensure your ASN has an up to date PeeringDB listing, with accurate prefix limits, and contact details listed in case of routing issues or abuse.

Request peering with Privex AS210083

Before sending us a peering request, please make sure that you have a BGP router (or software based router such as Quagga) connected to a public/private peering location that we're present in. (see below sections for location info)

To request a direct peering session, please send us a support ticket (help topic Network Operations (NOC) / Network Peering Request ) which will give you a form to fill out all important details: Open a support ticket

While we prefer that you use the support ticket website (prevents the risk of your email ending up in spam), you may also send a direct email to [email protected] (for peering enquiries) or [email protected] (for general network enquiries)

Public Peering Locations (IXPs)

We currently only peer at SOL-IX and STHIX in Stockholm, Sweden.

We're present on both IXP's route servers, advertising all of our IPv4 and IPv6 routes, and accepting routes advertised by other networks.

If you'd like to peer with us directly via an IXP with a BGP session, you may either open a ticket under the topic "Network Operations (NOC) / Network Peering Request" via our support system, or send an email to peering (at) privex dot io.

IXP Physical Location IPv4 Address(es) IPv6 Address(es) Ports / Speed On IXP Route Server
SOL-IX Stockholm, Sweden (VLAN 9 1500 MTU) (VLAN 10 4470 MTU)

2001:7F8:21:9::163/64 (VLAN 9 1500 MTU)

2001:7F8:21:10::163/64 (VLAN 10 4470 MTU)

1x 10gbps YES
STHIX Stockholm, Sweden


1x 10gbps YES
AMS-IX Amsterdam, Netherlands


1x 10gbps YES

Our IP space

We are currently responsible for the below IP space ( for the most up to date information please check RIPE ):

RIPE Privex Inc. (AS210083)
RIPE 2a07:e00::/29 Privex Inc. (AS210083)

We have split these blocks up for routing and organisational purposes:

Location Used PrefixPurpose
Sweden Sweden IP Space
Sweden -> Privex Corporate Usage
Sweden Sweden IP Space (2nd /24)
Worldwide 2a07:e00::/32 Reserved for Privex Corporate Usage
Stockholm, Sweden -> 2a07:e00::/48 Privex Corporate Usage (used in Kista DC)
Worldwide -> 2a07:e00:ff::/48 Point-to-point connections (routers, switches etc.)
Sweden 2a07:e01::/32 General Sweden Usage (primarily customer delegation)
Stockholm, Sweden -> 2a07:e01::/44 (estd.) Primarily Customers in our Kista Datacenter