Privex Tor Exit Policy


While Tor Exit nodes are permitted in some of our regions, exit nodes may only be ran after contacting us and requesting permission to do so.

If you run a Tor Exit node in ANY OF OUR REGIONS without permission, your server will be terminated as soon as we detect it, and refunds are not permitted for servers that were terminated due to abuse reasons (such as running a Tor Exit node without permission).

NOTE: While customers are forbidden from running Tor Exits without permission - customers may however run standard non-exit Tor Relays (entry (guard) / middle nodes) without asking for permission, as long as they have a dedicated server with unmetered networking.
If you have a VPS (virtual server), you should contact us before setting up the non-exit relay, so that we can clarify the bandwidth usage policy for that specific VPS package, and possibly offer an upgrade to truly unmetered (unlimited) networking for your VPS - so that you may run your Tor Relay without running into bandwidth caps, or unexpected suspension due to breaking our Fair Use Bandwidth Policy.

What is a Tor Exit Node

A Tor Exit Node is a type of Tor node which is configured to allow public access to the internet via it's external IPv4 / IPv6 address.

They act as an open proxy - but have no way of knowing who the original request came from.

Tor relays (middle/guard nodes, and bridges) are allowed in all of our regions. However, Tor exit nodes are only permitted in Sweden (currently open beta) with some specific requirements.

Our requirements for operating an exit node on our network

  1. You MUST contact us for permission before attempting to run a Tor Exit node. Please do not purchase any of our standard packages on our order form with the intent for using them as a Tor Exit node. To run a Tor Exit, you need to use one of our special custom plans which includes unmetered networking, and any additional costs related to the high risk nature of a Tor Exit node.

  2. Due to the amount of bandwidth + 24/7 network activity used by a Tor exit node, we require that you pay for an unmetered network connection. In Sweden we price this at $1 USD per month per megabit, e.g. 10mbps is $10/mo, 100mbps is $100/mo and so on. We can offer up to 5gbps for VPS's and 10gbps for dedicated servers. In the future, as we peer with more ISPs, we'll gradually reduce the cost per megabit.

  3. As exit nodes result in our IP addresses ending up on blacklists, we require you to pay for at least the first 3 months of service in advance.

  4. We request that you disallow at the very least port 25 on your exit node, as email spam is one of the biggest triggers for abuse emails and IP blacklisting.

  5. If you use the official Reduced Exit Policy from TorProject (and remove port 22 from the allowed ports), then we will happily handle all abuse emails automatically and inform them that it's a Tor Exit Node - no action will be taken against your server as long as we can verify the IP we gave you is listed as a functional exit node on TorProject's Relay Search.

    a) If you wish to have an unrestricted exit policy, then we would request that you give us an abuse contact email that we may list on the WHOIS for the IP, so that all abuse emails should be directed straight to you to handle. We don't require any personal information for the WHOIS, only an email for Abuse.

To order a Tor Exit Node (or relay in regions with metered bandwidth)

Once you've read and FULLY UNDERSTAND our policy for Tor nodes (both exits and relays), you may fill out the Privex Tor Exit/Relay Registration Form (PDF) with all required fields, and then mail it to sales [at] privex dot io with the subject Customer Tor Exit Registration or Customer Tor Relay Registration

If you're privacy conscious, you may encrypt the filled out PDF with the Privex Shared Support GPG Key (288DD1632F6E8951) [download] before e-mailing it to us.

Additionally, the original registration PDF file is signed with the Privex Shared Support GPG Key (288DD1632F6E8951), Chris's Key (DDB36F2B55284433) (our CEO), and Kale's Key (BED8EFF89F1F7520) (our CTO) - to confirm that the PDF form is legitimate, and was written by Privex Inc., and not a scam / phishing by some imposters trying to steal customer information. The detached GPG signatures can be found in the same folder as the PDF on our CDN, and we also have a README.txt explaining how to securely verify the PDF using GPG


Here's a small selection of VPS's we have available in Sweden right now (let us know if you have any specific specs in mind):

SE-V1 - 1GB RAM, 50GB HDD or 25GB SSD, 2 CPU cores - $5/mo

SE-V2 - 2GB RAM, 100GB HDD or 35GB SSD, 4 CPU cores - $10/mo

SE-V4 - 4GB RAM, 100GB HDD or 50GB SSD, 4 CPU cores - $20/mo

SE-V8 - 8GB RAM, 150GB HDD or 80GB SSD, 6 CPU cores - $40/mo

For dedicated servers in Sweden, please contact us to enquire about the hardware currently available.

Unmetered networking: US$0.80/mbit/mo (up to 5gbps / 5000mbps for VPS's, up to 10gbps for dedi's)

Each VPS comes with 1x IPv4 address, and a /64 of IPv6 addresses (we can offer up to a /48 on request).

Due to the high risk of exit IP's ending up on blacklists and having to deal with abuse emails, the minimum order is $50/mo,

e.g. a $5 VPS with 50mbps, $10 VPS with 40mbps, $20 VPS with 30mbps etc.

For $100/mo we would be willing to offer the 4GB RAM VPS with 100mbps unmetered as a package.