Setting up a Linux firewall using UFW or iptables by Privex Inc.

In this guide, we'll show you how to setup and use both UFW and iptables (with netfilter-persistent) to setup a firewall on your Linux server

Securing your server + various security tips and guides by Privex Inc.

In this article, we give you suggestions and information on securing your Linux server, such as disabling SSH password authentication, installing fail2ban, managing your firewall, disk encryption, and more!

How to unlock LUKS disk encryption remotely via SSH by Someguy123 @ Privex Inc.

This guide explains how to setup dropbear-initramfs to allow you to unlock LUKS full disk encryption remotely via SSH so that you don't need console access, fixing SSH key permission denied error on newer SSH, and enabling IPv6 in initramfs

Colocation at Privex Datacenters by Someguy123 @ Privex Inc.

We offer colocation in some of our regions, which allows you to bring your own hardware and we can install it in our racks, allowing you almost unlimited flexibility and customisation with your server hardware and networking. Learn more here.

We've launched the new USA Autonomous Region US-WEST by Someguy123 @ Privex Inc.

We now have an autonomous USA region - US-WEST, allowing customers to run a much wider variety of content hosted within the USA while maintaining your privacy and freedom. Read more about it here.

Public Infrastructure and Services operated by Privex by Privex Inc.

We run a variety of public infrastructure across our regions, from DNS servers, to NTP (Time), and even Tor relays/exits - learn about what infrastructure we operate and how you can use it :)

Upgrading your servers, upgrade costs, and additional hardware + services + IPs by Privex Inc.

This page details the prices for upgrades, what upgrades are possible, the process for upgrades, etc. It also includes information about additional hardware/services we can offer - such as physical switches, VLANs, routed subnets, domains, and more!

What is IPv6 / How do I access my IPv6-only server if I don't have IPv6? by Privex Inc.

Read this article to learn about IPv6, how to check if your ISP has IPv6, and what you can do to get IPv6 if your ISP doesn't offer it - such as VPNs and 6to4 tunnels.

Privacy Frontends - collaboration with PrivacyTools by Privex Inc.

Privex operates several Privacy Frontends for popular services such as Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, and Wikipedia - with Tor hidden services available, allowing you to improve your privacy when using these services We operate these in collaboration with

Privex Referral Program (AKA Affiliate Program) by Privex Inc.

The Privex Referral Program, is a way for customers (the "affiliate") to refer friends/family/strangers to become Privex customers (the "referral") themselves, and for the affiliate to benefit from this. When a customer (the "affiliate") refers someone to Privex (the "referral"), and the referral orders a server using the affiliate's referral link/code, the affiliate will receive 10% of the referral's monthly server bill - every month as account credit.

Upgrading your server's network speeds / bandwidth policy + Fully Unmetered (FUM) Traffic Pricing by Chris @ Privex Inc.

This article explains the costs for upgrading your dedicated/virtual server's network speed or bandwidth policy to an unmetered or soft-capped plan, including the per-mbit cost of unmetered networking in our autonomous regions (SE and NL).

What is NAT64 / DNS64 and how do they work? (+ why use them / how) by Chris @ Privex Inc.

NAT64 and DNS64 are two very important backwards compatibility technologies to help people transition to IPv6-only devices. Learn what they do, how they work, and how they're used.

Hive Node-in-a-box FAQ / Help by Chris @ Privex Inc.

Various tips and tricks related to using and maintaining a Privex Node-in-a-box VPS, such as our Hive Node-in-a-box packages

Privex Amsterdam Netherlands Expansion Pre-orders 27 JUN 2021 by Chris @ Privex Inc.

Suggested Switches and Routers for Colocation at Privex by Chris @ Privex Inc.

If you're in the market to buy a switch/router, whether a cheap 5-port RJ45 unmanaged switch, or a high end 48-port SFP+ datacenter router - check our suggestions to save yourself some time. We've curated the cheapest consumer switches, mid-range business-grade routers, as well as high-end datacenter routers, and organised them by price and power usage. This page also contains info about colocating devices smaller than 1U at Privex.

How to resize a partition + filesystem on Linux from the command line by Chris @ Privex Inc.

In this article, you'll learn how to resize a partition and filesystem on GNU/Linux using the CLI tools 'parted' and 'resize2fs'. This guide should work for most distros, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, RedHat, CentOS, Arch Linux, and more!

Paying via local or international Bank Transfer by Privex Inc.

If you're unable to pay via crypto for a certain reason, we can accept domestic/international Bank Transfers from various countries, as long as you transfer over 100 USD (or equivalent). We support domestic UK, US, EU, and AU domestic transfers, as well as international SWIFT transfers.

Which Linux/UNIX compression algorithm is best? by Chris @ Privex Inc.

In this article, we'll be showing compress + decompress benchmarks for 4 of the most popular Linux compression algorithms: gzip, bzip2 (using lbzip2), xz, and lz4 We'll lightly discuss the tradeoffs of each algorithm, and explain where/when to use the right algorithm to meet your (de-)compression needs :)

Using a Serial Console with Linux, GRUB, SysLinux + Understanding Serial Configuration by Chris @ Privex Inc.

On some of Privex's dedicated servers, instead of a graphical KVM, we often only have Serial-over-LAN (SOL) Learn how SOL works, what Baud and Flow Control mean, what an IPMI is, and how to configure bootloaders + OS's to use a Serial Console.

Customising Dedicated / Virtual Servers (VPS) + Made to Order Servers by Privex Inc.

At Privex, we have a wide range of server packages available to meet most customers' desires - but in some cases, none of our packages fit your needs. This article details some of the many ways we can offer custom packages to give each customer their dream server :)

Ordering Windows Server for a Privex server by Privex Inc.

If you're considering ordering a server from Privex with the Microsoft Windows Server operating system, please read this article to understand: how to order it, pricing, which packages it's available with, and other information.

Privex Bandwidth Policies (Unmetered / Fair Use / Hard Capped) by Privex Inc.

This article explains Privex's various bandwidth usage policies, which regions / packages use which policies, explaining the restrictions (or lack of restrictions) of each policy, how they're monitored/enforced, and the punishments for exceeding your bandwidth policy.

Privex Inc. GPG Key List by None

How to mount an SMB share / setup an SMB server on Linux by Chris @ Privex Inc.

Learn how to connect to and mount an SMB/CIFS (Samba) share on most Linux distros, AND how you can run your own SMB server on Linux Covered distros: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Oracle, Redhat + others

Hive Node-in-a-box Update - October 30th 2020 by Privex Inc.

Bring Your Own IP Space / Rent IP Space by Privex Inc.

Privex (AS210083) supports Bring-your-own-IP for IPv4 and IPv6, allowing you to use your own IP space within our networks. We also sell IPv6 blocks for use both within and outside of our regions. Read this article to learn about our Bring-your-own-IP and IPv6 Rental policies.

How to add a Tor Hidden Service (.onion) to your website running on Ubuntu/Debian Linux by Chris @ Privex Inc.

Learn how to make your website available as a Tor hidden service (.onion), including advertising the onion to your Tor visitors using the new Onion-Location header (Nginx/Caddy config)

Understanding RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure) by Chris @ Privex Inc.

In this article we explain what RPKI is, how it works, and why it's so important. RPKI, short for Resource Public Key Infrastructure - is a cryptographic technology used in the world of networking to prevent BGP hijacking

Why use Privex? by Privex Inc.

Installing Dell iDRAC Tools (including racadm) on Ubuntu / Debian + Common RACADM commands by Chris @ Privex Inc.

Unfortunately, Dell doesn't publish iDRAC Tools packages for Ubuntu/Debian. BUT, you can make their Redhat packages work with Debian/Ubuntu - just follow our easy guide with examples, and you'll be using racadm and other tools in no time :) We also include some common/useful RACADM commands with examples + explanations.

Privex Time Servers (Chrony / NTP) by None

We have many time servers spread across Europe, which are amalgamated via our pool: If you'd like to know about our time servers, or you want to use specific nodes, here they are :)

Getting started with a Privex Debian WebBox VPS by Privex Inc.

Learn about our WebBox VPS packages, which can serve HTML + PHP websites out-of-the-box, and are pre-loaded with Python 3 (+ packages such as Django/Flask), NodeJS, MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL and MORE. Private, cheap, AND convenient!

Linux LVM Cheatsheet by Privex Inc.

This article is a "cheat sheet" for LVM2 (Logical Volume Manager), a storage management system which is commonly used on Linux machines for much more flexible "partitioning". In this cheatsheet, you'll find examples for viewing, creating, and modifying LVM2 volumes, including thin pools and snapshots. This is NOT intended to be an in-depth explanation on using LVM2 - this article is aimed at those who already have at least some basic knowledge of using LVM. It's simply some of the most common commands summarised with clear examples on how to do certain things.

Introducing $0.99/mo IPv6-only VPS's from Privex by Privex Inc.

Our $0.99/mo Micro VPS's are a good low cost option for getting a bare bones Linux environment for your projects. However, unlike most servers, they do not come with an IPv4 address - read this to understand how this might affect you.

Using our pre-replayed Steem VPS's by Privex Inc.

Read this page to understand our VPS-xx-STEEM packages, which are designed specifically to help our customers who operate Steem witness/seed nodes get up and running quickly.

Accessing Privex.IO via I2P by Privex Inc.

Read this page if you want to access via the I2P privacy network (privex.i2p)

What is GPG / PGP and how do I use it? by Privex Inc.

In this article, we explain the basics of GnuPG (GPG), including what it's used for, the difference between a public and a private key, how to generate a key pair, how to import/export a public key, and how to encrypt/decrypt messages