Bring Your Own IP Space / Rent IP Space

Bring your IP space to Privex

We can announce your IPv4 / IPv6 subnets (whether from Privex or another network) in the following Privex regions:

Dedicated Servers: Sweden, USA

Virtual Servers: Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Japan

Announcing IP blocks in Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, and Japan is completely free of charge.

NOTE: Announcing IP blocks for dedicated servers in the USA may incur a fee

Minimum Subnet Size

The minimum size subnet size for advertising an IPv4 prefix to the internet is a /24 (256 IPs)

The minimum size subnet size for advertising an IPv6 prefix to the internet is a /48 (65,536x /64's)

BGP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Privex (AS210083) announce an IPv4/v6 prefix over BGP for me, without me having to run my own BGP server?

A: YES! As long as you have created a route / route6 object at RIPE/ARIN etc. authorising AS210083 to advertise your prefix.

Q: Can I announce prefixes from my own ASN (Autonomous System Number) via Privex?

A: YES! However, the availability of this varies by region - the only region where this is known to be possible at the moment is Sweden, where we can give you BGP connection details so you can establish an upstream BGP session with AS210083 from your own ASN using either a physical router, or a software router such as BIRD or Quagga.

How do I bring my own IP space to Privex?

At the present time, we do not have an automated system for setting up your own IP space with our servers.

To setup your IP space for use at Privex, please contact us via our support system or on Discord.

Renting IPv6 blocks from Privex

Did you know?

Privex offers rental of IPv6 subnets up to a maximum size of /40 (equivalent to 256x /48's or 16,777,216x /64's)

You can use your purchased IPv6 subnets both within Privex's regions, and OUTSIDE of Privex's regions

If you have a RIPE account (strongly recommended), we can assign your RIPE account as a maintainer on your purchased IPv6 subnet(s), allowing you to create and update RIPE database objects, such as route6's and inet6num's related to your subnet(s), which enables you to create Route Authorisations to allow certain network providers to advertise parts of, or the entirety of your IPv6 subnet(s)

IPv6 Prefixes for exclusive use within a Privex region

If you're a Privex customer who has dedicated and/or virtual servers from Privex, and don't require the ability to use parts of your prefix(es) outside of Privex's regions, nor require your legal person / organisation details attached to the prefix(es), then you can request up to a /44 (16x /48's) of IPv6 for free (as long as you can provide justification)

We can even setup a VLAN for you, allowing you to share your allocated prefix(es) between both dedicated and virtual servers within a certain region.


  • Individual /48's are $1.00/mo plus $10 setup fee (buy 5x /48's and pay $5.00/mo plus a single $10 setup fee that covers all 5 subnets)

  • /44's (16x /48's) are $10.00/mo plus $10 setup fee

  • /40's (256x /48's) are $120.00/mo - no setup fee

Prefix purchase limits

Each customer is limited to a maximum of:

  • 10x individual /48's
  • 10x individual /44's
  • 4x individual /40's

What hosts other than Privex can I use a Privex IPv6 subnet with?

Below are some hosting providers which support Bring-your-own-IP:

Our customers have reported that Privex IPv6 subnets work perfectly at both AWS and Vultr.

How do I purchase IPv6 prefixes from Privex?

Configuring and allocating prefixes can be complex, so there is no automated order system for purchasing independent IPv6 prefixes.

To order IPv6 prefixes, please contact us via our support system or on Discord