Introducing $0.99/mo IPv6-only VPS's from Privex

What's a Micro VPS?

Our $0.99/mo Micro VPS's are a good low cost option for getting a bare bones Linux environment for your projects.

As of August 2019, we currently have one micro VPS package available in Sweden, which has 256MB of RAM, 2 CPU cores, 5GB of high speed SSD storage, a 100mbps network connection, and comes with a /64 of IPv6 address space (18 billion billion usable IPs).

These VPS's are only available with Alpine Linux - a minimal Linux distribution which consumes as little as 25MB of RAM, and our base installation uses only 200MB of disk space. This ensures you can make the most out of the modest resources.

They also don't have a public IPv4 address (like, instead they come with a /64 IPv6 subnet which is dedicated to your VPS, meaning you can use any of the 18 billion billion IP addresses in your subnet as you please.

How can I connect to an IPv6 VPS?

To be able to access one of our micro VPS's which are IPv6-only, you must have some form of IPv6 connectivity; either from your internet provider, a VPN, or via another server you have which has both IPv4 and IPv6.

To check if you have IPv6 on your home connection, visit

If you don't have IPv6 on your home internet, consider using a VPN such as AzireVPN (Paid) - or an IPv6 tunnel provider such as HE.NET TunnelBroker (Free)

What if I need to access IPv4-only websites from the server?

Some major websites such as Github don't yet support IPv6. This can be quite problematic, since it would prevent you cloning any projects from Github.

To deal with this, we operate a DNS64 server which removes the IPv4 (A) records from domains, and creates "fake" IPv6 (AAAA) records. These fake IPv6 addresses are then routed to our NAT64 gateway, which connects to the destination server over IPv4, and transmits the data back to your server over IPv6. As far as your server is concerned, has IPv6 (even though it doesn't).

Our micro VPS's are pre-configured to use our DNS64 server and NAT64 gateway, ensuring that the majority of IPv4-only websites work just like normal.

As you can see in the image above - a traceroute to appears to be entirely over IPv6. The connection flows via - which is our NAT64 gateway.

The addresses starting with 64:ff9b: are actually IPv4 addresses converted into IPv6, using the "well known" prefix 64:ff9b::/96 - ensuring compatibility with applications that may use hard-coded IPv4 addresses (but know how to translate them for a NAT64 gateway).