Paying via local or international Bank Transfer

While we generally prefer that customers pay via cryptocurrency, we can accept payments via domestic / international bank transfer so long as you're paying at LEAST $100 / €100 / £100 or equivalent currency.

In some cases, we may levy a fee of 1 to 3%, or a flat fee of $1.00 to $20.00 depending on the type of bank transfer and currency.


Our banks are NOT CRYPTO FRIENDLY. If you attempt to pay us from a crypto exchange, your transfer will generally be blocked, and you may lose your money!.

You MUST NOT attempt to transfer to our bank from any crypto exchange, or other crypto financial services!

How do I pay with Bank Transfer / how can it be used?

Bank transfers can be used to either:

  • Add account credit to your existing Privex account (similar to our Privex Top-Up page for crypto top-ups)
  • Pay towards an outstanding invoice - whether for a new server order, or a renewal.
  • Or both - e.g. $150 towards invoice ABCD1-234AB-4567, and the remainder as account credit.

To pay via Bank Transfer, please contact our billing department. Tell us which type of bank transfer you'll be sending (Domestic US, Domestic UK, SEPA, International EU SWIFT, International UK SWIFT, etc.), how much you intend to send, and whether you want the money to be added to your account credit, used to pay an invoice, or both.

We'll then give you our bank account details for the type of transfer you're making, along with a short reference for you to use, so we can easily identify your payment.

Then, you'll make the transfer using your bank account. After you've made the transfer, let us know, so we can check if it's been received.

If it's a slow form of bank transfer (e.g. US bank transfers, SWIFT transfers), you may need to remind us after 3-5 business days to check if the transfer has been completed.

For fast forms of bank transfer (e.g. UK Faster Payments), we can often process your payment within an hour of you sending the money.

Domestic (Local / National) Bank Transfers

We can accept the following types of domestic (local) bank transfers:

  • US Bank Transfer (USD)

    • ACH transfers incur a flat $2.00 fee
    • Wire transfers incur a flat $20.00 fee
    • Cheque, Direct Deposit, and Direct Debit payments are NOT SUPPORTED
  • SEPA transfer (EUR)

    • Flat fee of €2.00
  • UK Bank Transfer (GBP) - No fee

    • UK Faster Payments (processed within 1 hr)
    • CHAPS / BACS (may take 3-5 business days)
  • Canadian Bank Transfer (CAD)

    • EFT (flat fee of CA$5.00)
    • Direct Deposit (flat fee of CA$5.00)
    • Domestic wire transfers are NOT SUPPORTED. They will be bounced with CA$15 removed.
  • Australian Bank Transfer (AUD)

    • Instant-BSB, POLI, and Pay-ID payments (flat fee of AU$5.00)
    • Traditional bank transfers (BECS) (flat fee of AU$5.00)
  • Turkish Bank Transfer (TRY)

    • Local bank transfer only - not SWIFT. (flat fee of 40 TRY (~$5))

International Bank Transfers (SWIFT)

We can accept the following types of INTERNATIONAL bank transfers:

  • SWIFT (the standard for international bank transfers)
    • SWIFT transfers to our EU bank account - there may be arbitrary fees / poor exchange rates depending on where you send from
    • SWIFT transfers to our UK bank account - there may be arbitrary fees / poor exchange rates depending on where you send from