Privacy Frontends - collaboration with PrivacyTools

Privex and PrivacyTools Privacy Frontends

Privex operates several Privacy Frontends for popular services such as Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, and Wikipedia - with Tor hidden services available, allowing you to improve your privacy when using these services

We operate these in collaboration with - a combined effort to improve privacy for everyone!

List of Privacy Frontends we run

Service Clearnet URL Tor Hidden Service
Twitter (Nitter) http://r2eqimhkvxboaltbdsectoo3hkf476pyemsdykclexzajbfx5v6ojlyd.onion/
Reddit (Teddit) http://jnuonmf2n36sfdmyksqqqyab3w63cq4kx24olyjleh5z6zzfvyt7uqqd.onion/
Wikipedia http://7lvwsn4fohcnaw5ije6j52aurmwaovqdzj4drfrj5aqget3nwwneshid.onion/
Imgur (Rimgo) http://tdp6uqjtmok723suum5ms3jbquht6d7dssug4cgcxhfniatb25gcipad.onion/

How do they work / how do I use them?

Our frontends work as a reverse proxy, hiding your IP address from the service - and can also strip tracking cookies and other technologies used to track you.

For most of the frontends, you can simply just replace the domain of a link with our equivelent frontend domain, for example, becomes

Tor Services

We operate a Tor hidden service for each of the frontends, allowing you to connect to them securely and anonymously via Tor Browser

We advertise an Onion-Location header, so that if you browse to the clearnet frontends, you can simply click the "onion available" button in your URL bar to go straight to the Tor hidden service, on the same page you originally were looking at.

This helps you to verify that the Tor hidden service is legitimate, and also saves you from having to find the onion address on our website or other sites linking to the service.