Privex Referral Program (AKA Affiliate Program)

What is the Privex Referral/Affiliate Program - and why should I refer people?

The Privex Referral Program, is a way for customers (the "affiliate") to refer friends/family/strangers to become Privex customers (the "referral") themselves, and for the affiliate to benefit from this.

When a customer (the "affiliate") refers someone to Privex (the "referral"), and the referral orders a server using the affiliate's referral link/code, the affiliate will receive 10% of the referral's monthly server bill - every month as account credit - but only after the referral's first month ends (their first renewal).

The "first renewal" rule is to prevent affiliates using their own referral code, ordering servers, and cancelling those servers after the first month to "farm" referral rewards. It's also to encourage the affiliate to aim to refer potential customers who are most likely to stay long term, rather than cancel after the first month.

Referral example

John is a Privex customer who currently has a Privex server bill of $100/mo.

John refers Sarah to Privex - Sarah buys a $40/mo server from Privex using John's referral code.

John doesn't get an immediate reward. He'll only get his affiliate cut if Sarah renews at least for the 2nd month (first renewal).

A month passes. Sarah renews her $40/mo server, thus starting the second month. John receives a $4 (10%) affiliate credit upon Sarah's renewal, which will be automatically used towards his own $100/mo bill, bringing it down to $96/mo.

John refers Dave to Privex, whom buys a $100/mo server from Privex using John's code.

Another month passes. Sarah renews for the 3rd month at $40/mo, Dave renews for the 2nd month at $100/mo - John receives a $14 (10%) affiliate credit, so his bill is now reduced to $86/mo.

Towards the end of the month, Sarah cancels her $40/mo server, but Dave renews his $100/mo server. As the next month starts, John no longer receives the 10% credit from Sarah, but he still receives it from Dave ($10), so John's bill is $90/mo.

John will continue to receive the $10/mo (10%) affiliate credit from referring Dave, so long as Dave continues to renew his server each month - while John is free to refer additional customers to receive an even higher monthly affiliate credit if he desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I refer myself, or my company?

Unfortunately you cannot refer yourself - it's against our terms to use your own referral email/code when ordering servers - generally attempts to do so will be automatically rejected by the system (no referral credits given).

If you're caught attempting to skirt the self-referral block by creating multiple accounts using eachother's referral, we have the right to either remove the credits + charge you for any credits which were used towards an invoice, or in severe cases, we may terminate your account.

If you would like to use our referral system, you may only refer other unique persons or organizations (organizations which you are not a beneficiary/director/shareholder of).

If you're looking for a non-referral discount - we can sometimes offer a discount if you're willing to pay at least 3 months in advance for a server, and/or if you're wanting to buy 3 or more expensive ($70/mo+) servers at the same time. The more months you're willing to pay in advance, and/or the more servers you're willing to buy at once - the higher the discount (up to a maximum discount which varies per server).

For dedicated servers, the most common form of discount we offer - is a reduction in the setup fee if you ask to pay at least 3 months in advance when ordering it - depending on the specific package, it's possible to ZERO the setup fee if you pay enough months in advance.

2. What do my referrals put in the Referral box on the order form?

Your referral may either enter the e-mail associated with your Privex account, OR they can enter one of your referral codes.

If you don't yet have any referral codes, please see the next question.

3. How do I get a custom referral code?

If you have any custom referral codes in mind, simply Contact Us, let us know which code(s) you'd like, and we can add them to your account.

Referral codes must be at least 4 characters, and up to 40 characters. They may contain letters a-z, numbers 0-9, and the dash character (dashes may not be at the start or end).

Here are some examples of valid referral codes (these are EXAMPLES, not necessarily codes that are actually linked to someone):


You can refer people either by asking them to enter your referral code or email in the referral box in the order form, or by using a referral link like so:

  • Standard "sticky" referral to our main site. Adds a cookie with your referral, so that the referral box is auto-filled on the order form for whatever package(s) they order:

  • Direct "non-sticky" referral to a specific package. This does not add a cookie, so it doesn't persist once they leave the page. This will fill out the referral box on the order form for the package you've linked them to. This is ideal if you want to suggest a specific server package to a friend/family member:

5. Do affiliates receive rewards from their referral's referrals (sub-referrals / grandchildren)?

No. Affiliates ONLY receive referral rewards from the referrals they've directly referred.

Affiliates DO NOT receive any referral rewards from the referrals which their referral's have referred.

6. Is there a limit to how much an affiliate can receive from referrals?

Nope. If you refer enough people (or even just one big spender) so that the 10% referral rewards are higher than your monthly bill, then your monthly bill will be zero'd, and excess referral credits will be "banked" / "rolled over".

For example, if your monthly bill is $100/mo, but you receive $110/mo in referral rewards - then $100 of that $110 each month will go towards your bill, while the remaining $10 will be added to your account balance.

After 5 months, assuming neither your bill nor referral rewards have changed - you would have $50 in your Privex account balance.

You could then either buy a new server normally - allowing your excess balance to be automatically used towards renewing that server - Alternatively, if you order a new server priced at least $30/mo - then you can send the invoice to Privex support, and ask us to use up $xx of your account credit towards the invoice.

7. What can I use my affiliate/referral rewards for? Can I have my rewards paid out in cash / cryptocurrency?

By default, Privex renewal invoices will automatically use up any available credit in your account towards the renewal - so if you have any active services, your referral rewards will be automatically used towards your monthly renewals.

If you don't have any active services to automatically use up referral credit, then it will go straight to your account balance. The same thing will happen to the excess if you're earning more referral rewards than the cost of your monthly renewal bill.

You can use your account balance in two ways:

  • If you order a new server worth at least $30/mo, you can send the invoice to Privex support, and ask us to apply $xx of your account credit towards the invoice - either partially paying the invoice, or paying it completely if you have enough credit.
  • You can order a new server as normal - paying for the first month with the crypto of your choice - then each month, the renewal invoice will automatically use up any available account balance up to the cost of the renewal.

At the time of writing, it's not possible to have your referral rewards / account balance transferred outside of Privex. If you plan to be a large scale affiliate - i.e. referring 10s / 100s+ of customers, and thus would end up with way more referral rewards than you could feasibly use - please contact us. We may be able to offer a deal, such as redeeming Privex account credit for 10-30% of it's value in exchange for real cryptocurrency.