Why use Privex?

Using our looking glass, you can run ping tests and traceroutes from our Swedish region via IPv4 and IPv6 to test latency FROM our Swedish region:

Privex's Looking Glass

Test your latency to our regions by pinging our geodiverse nameservers:

Sweden: ns1.privex.io
USA: ns2.privex.io
Germany: ns3.privex.io

Have you ever wanted to buy a server for your projects but was faced with tons of KYC procedures? Providers asking everything from your birth date to your Tax ID? We don’t.

We are Privex founded in 2017 in the country of Belize. Our mission: Ensure the privacy and freedom of speech of our customers.

At Privex, we are happy to serve our customers, therefore, we offer excellent customer support, our customers can reach to us through various platforms anytime of the day, Bitcointalk PMs, through our email addresses or even real-time chat on Discord! But don't take our word for it, check out what people think about Privex.

One of the greatest factors at Privex, are our customer service agents and our server techs. We take great pride in treating our customers right, and you can bet you won’t be treated like just another number.

Because at Privex we are a team, and your success is important to us. We will do everything we can to ensure that your issues or questions are answered and taken care of.

Privex has been the go-to company for servers related to projects hosted on blockchains such as HIVE and STEEM.

Currently, Privex serves many customers who are developing their own projects using these blockchains while providing servers for the witnesses (miners) of the blockchain as well.

Overtime Privex's CEO has contributed countless software contributions to these blockchain technologies, and as a result we have extended support to these blockchains.

You will never find this with any other server host. Period.

Other providers sell your information to the highest bidder, we don’t.

Other providers sell your information to government agencies, we don’t.

To register and purchase a server on Privex, all we want from you is a name and an email address so that we can deliver you your server details through email.

We do not need your phone number, your Tax ID, your credit card or your address, nothing.

Privex also does not accept any forms of fiat payments to ensure our customers’ privacy. We only accept BTC, LTC, EOS, HIVE, HBD for our server payments.

We have our own ASN and peering, which means your data stays with us. All the time. Customers can also use TOR and I2P to access our website to order.


And if you're looking to SAVE EVEN MORE.

By simply referring a new customer, you will get 10% of what they order from your monthly bill as long as their signed up. On top of that, your referral will get 5% off their first monthly bill.

And as a referrer, your discounts will be stackable as long as your referrals are in good standing. It is entirely possible to stack so many referrals that your monthly bill is reduced to $0

Just give your referral the email you signed up with and you will both be enrolled into the promotion.

When they are in the process of making an order, all they need to do is fill in the referral section your email and bang just like that your on your way to saving even more money.