We've launched the new USA Autonomous Region US-WEST

NEW USA AUTONOMOUS REGIOIN - Launched 31st of December 2022

We're happy to announce that today (31 December 2022), we've just launched our new US region US-WEST - in Fremont, California (Bay Area), in partnership with Ryamer LLC ( AS400587 - ran by one of our own staff members, Rishi )!

You can try it out right now, just go to our order form and select "US West" under "Virtual Servers". We currently only offer VPS's in our new US-WEST region, but we may expand to offering dedicated servers in the upcoming months.

The new region is "mostly" autonomous, and may become fully autonomous in the future. Most customers shouldn't notice any real differences between the level of autonomy compared to our fully autonomous regions, as Ryamer LLC is closely partnered with us to allow us to have as much autonomy as possible within their datacenter, network, and racks.


We have autonomy over the following things:

  • Partial autonomy with the networking - we have been given access to the network equipment in Ryamer's rack so that we can make changes to the networking as needed, as well as verify there's no malicious configuration that would impact our customers security/privacy. In the future, if necessary, we'll order a switch/router so that we have full ownership over the network hardware our customer's servers connect to.

    • We use our own IPv6 space - 2a07:e04::/36 has been allocated for US-WEST

    • We currently use IPv4 space from Ryamer LLC rather than our own IPv4 space, as we currently don't have any spare IPv4 blocks, and it's not clear whether there's enough demand for it to be worth dedicating a /24 to the region yet. Nevertheless, Ryamer will point the portion of the IP space that we use to our abuse email, so that we maintain autonomy over the content allowed on the network

    • Since we have partial control over the network, it's possible to bring-your-own-IP space and setup BGP sessions within US-WEST, you're more than welcome to bring IPv4 or IPv6 space and we can connect/route them to your server(s)

  • Server Hardware - we're currently renting a moderate spec dedicated server from Ryamer to begin with, to test the waters with the region, if there's enough demand, we'll be buying our own hardware and colocating it so that we have full ownership of the hardware

  • Infrastructure - We host and run some of the key infrastructure services for the region, which will be used by both our customers, and Ryamer's customers - including: Public DNS, DNS64, NAT64, and NTP (Chrony) servers

Thank You

We hope that our new US region helps you run your projects with lower latency, protect your customer data within the appropriate jurisdiction, and maintain freedom of speech!

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