Customising Dedicated / Virtual Servers (VPS) + Made to Order Servers

If you can't find a dedicated / virtual server on our order form which meets your needs, simply contact us and tell us what you're looking for :)

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General Networking

  • We can generally offer additional IPv4 addresses / subnets in all regions. The price for extra IP addresses varies by region, so please contact us, referring to your Privex server(s), and how many IPv4 addresses you want - and we'll tell you how much that'd cost.

  • Additional IPv6 addresses / subnets

    • In regions where we operate under our own IP space (SE/NL/CA/JP), we can generally offer extra IPv6 space at no cost, up to 4x /48's, 8x /56's, and/or 16x /64's per customer per region. For IPv6 space exceeding those limits, we may require justification (why do you need so much IPv6 space), and possibly a monthly fee.
    • In regions where we operate using the datacenter's IP space, or a third party's IP space, additional IPv6 space may be available for a monthly price, or may not be available at all.
  • Virtual Server (VPS) Networking

    • NOTE: Normally, all of our VPS packages come with 100mbps under either with "Effectively Unmetered" or "Fully Unmetered" bandwidth policies
    • In most regions, VPS's support having their network upgraded to as high as 1gbps (possibly at a charge and/or with a bandwidth cap)
    • In Sweden, VPS's support having their network upgraded to as high as 5gbps (either by paying for fully unmetered, or paying a smaller amount for a "fair use" bandwidth policy)
  • Dedicated Server Networking

    • Some of our dedicated servers support having their network upgraded to 10gbps (but doing so will result in a bandwidth cap)
    • Additional network cards (1gbps or 10gbps). These are usually used on a LAN via a physical switch ordered from us.
    • We can provide a variety of physical switches (1gbps or 10gbps) for interconnecting two or more dedicated servers on a physical LAN - generally incurring a monthly fee, and/or setup fee.
    • In most regions, we can offer some form of "virtual switch / LAN" for private network communication between any of your servers in that region, even if they're on a different rack.
  • In Sweden, we can offer:

    • Personal VLANs that can be shared between rented dedicated servers / VPS's, and/or your own colocated hardware in our Sweden datacenter.
    • IPs / Subnets (IPv4 and IPv6) that can be either attached on the LAN (Layer 2 setup), or routed to an existing IP (Layer 3 setup)
    • We may be able to provide a physical switch for you to use with both rented and/or colocated dedicated servers.
    • You may also bring your own physical switch(es) via colocation, and use them with both your own colocated dedi's, or ones you've rented from us.
    • We can announce your own ASN's IPv4 / IPv6 space, and set it up for you in whatever ways you require.

Virtual Servers

Available customisations for virtual servers (VPS)

Most of the VPS's listed on our website can be customised in various ways:

  • Disk Space / Drives - We can offer VPS's with almost any arbitrary disk space, as long as we have the capacity for it.

    • We can generally increase the size of the main virtual disk for a small fee, depending on how much extra space you require.
    • For advanced users, we can add additional virtual drives to a VPS, which will be attached unformatted (and without a reboot), so you can set them up however you please, whether with LVM, a custom partition table, or just format the entire virtual drive with a filesystem.
  • RAM - We can generally offer most of our VPS packages with a higher / lower amount of RAM

    • Please be aware, that RAM is generally the most expensive resource for a VPS, so increasing / decreasing the amount of RAM for a VPS package will affect the price quite dramatically (A package's RAM may be make up $4 to $12 per month per GB of the price)
  • CPU

    • We can generally offer VPS's with between 1 to 8 cores. In rare cases, we may be able to offer a VPS package with up to 16 cores, in the event of us having a VPS node with a high core count CPU that's underutilised.
    • If you have a use case that requires high single threaded performance, or one which is highly multi-threaded where more cores is better than faster clock speed, we may be able to offer you a bespoke VPS provisioned onto one of our server's that will best meet your use case.
      • Though please be aware that CPU is a shared resource, and VPS's should not be used for applications that use consistently high CPU usage (e.g. CPU miners), for persistent CPU usage, please order a dedicated server instead.
  • For networking upgrades (additional IPs, upgrade to 1gbps / 5gbps, etc.), please see the General Networking section

Available customisations for dedicated servers

Most of the dedicated servers listed on our website can be customised in various ways:

  • Drives (HDD / SSD / NVMe) - Almost all listed servers can have additional drives added or replaced (HDD, SSD, and/or NVMe)

    • For lower end servers (below $150 / mo), usually the maximum number of drives is 4
    • Higher end servers (>$150/mo) may be able to take between 6 and 10 drives.
    • If you're specifically wanting a server that can take more than 4 drives, please contact us, and tell us how many drives your preferred server should be able to take, and whether/which of those drive slots should be 2.5" (SSD), 3.5" (HDD), or NVMe. Some servers may only be able to take 2.5" SSD's and NVMe's, while others may take a few 3.5" drives, with the rest being 2.5" or NVMe only.
  • Additional RAM (Random Access Memory) - Some of our listed servers may be upgraded with additional RAM.

    • As of 20 / Feb / 2021 - the current maximum amount of RAM we can offer in a single dedicated server, is 768GB (24 x 32GB or 12 x 64GB), which is possible with our Dell Poweredge™ servers in Germany / Finland.
  • For networking upgrades (additional IPs, upgrade to 10gbps, extra network cards etc.), please see the General Networking section

Specially Built to Order Servers

In some cases, you may not be able to find a server package (dedicated or virtual) on our site that meets your specific needs. This is because our full selection of servers is not on our order form, due to the ever changing availability of specific servers, server lines being replaced by newer generations, and pricing changes. It would be difficult to keep the specifications/pricing/stock up to date for each package if we listed every possible option on our order form.

This is especially true for regions where either:

  1. All servers are made to order, and the pricing for new orders is constantly changing (e.g. our US regions)
  2. We use more than one datacenter / partner hosting company to provide servers in a certain region (our US region for example, is provided via 3 separate independent datacenter companies)
  3. The available dedicated servers for a region are a mixed bag, thus it would be a pain to maintain packages that represent just a singular one-of-a-kind server. (our SE region)

For example, our choices available on the order form for US and Sweden dedicated servers​ are quite limited, so for dedi's in those regions, it's best to contact us for a quote, telling us the server specs you're aiming for, and/or a budget (max cost per month).

For Germany and Finland, while we have a wide range of dedicated server packages listed on our order form, it's just a small portion of the most popular packages available in those regions.

We can offer a variety of custom server packages in DE/FI which aren't listed on our site, such as:

  • Servers which have a specific CPU model (e.g. Intel Core i7-2600)
  • Servers with a CPU in a certain generation / range (e.g. Intel generation "Kaby Lake" - or for range: "Intel Xeon", "AMD Opteron", "AMD Ryzen")
  • High end Dell Poweredge servers, including iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) access
  • Servers designed for storage, with anywhere from 16 to 224 TB (Terabytes) worth of disks (as of 20/Feb/2021, our largest storage server is available in Germany, and has 14x 16TB HDDs (total: 224TB combined))

If you aren't sure what specs you'd want, or you just want to see what you can get for a certain amount per month, simply tell us which regions you're wanting a server(s) in, and the price range(s) you're willing to pay.

Contact us for a custom server today!